Tuesday, November 16, 2010


319/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
319/365. 15 November 2010

Photograph - Def Leppard

What a long day... long but really interesting. Firstly, I hit 20,000 overnight. So thank you all my Flickr friends, fellow Bloggers and everyone that's come by for a peak.

Well today was interesting because I was at a Guy Gowan Photoshop Seminar all day and at a Peter Coulson Photography Seminar all evening.

Let's begin with Guy Gowan. I've spoken of him before. He's a Photoshop master, but he never, ever uses any of the tools that photoshop provides. It's all in channels (and I swear it's better, faster, and completely non destructive - no pixels are ever harmed in his work). He used to consult for Adobe, and yet he bags photoshop for not being as good as it should be. I love the history he provides of the evolution of photoshop... just brilliant.

Now to Peter Coulson. He's Australian commercial photographer of the year amongst other accolades, and he was brilliant as well. Just seeing him talk about lighting setup and he's workflow process is unbelievable.

However, having listened to both today, it's really interesting to see how both Guy and Peter have almost complete opposite views on photography and photoshop. Like I said interesting.

OK don't want to bore you anymore, and I have a full day of Guy Gowan tomorrow. Which is probably why I took this shot today. It is kind of an amalgamation of everything I've seen and heard today. More tomorrow.

Oh and sadly, they both do not like HDR the way I like HDR... to each his own I guess.

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