Monday, January 31, 2011


031, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 031. 31/1/11

Anyone For Tennis? - Cream

More from last night's tennis. And this time it's a bit of people watching. If you look closely, dead centre of the shot is the gorgeous Ana Ivanovic; look up 4 rows and by the step is our very own Alica Molik; diagonally opposite the steps from Alicia, looks like the guy from the Buena Vista Social Club, Ibrahim Ferrer; 2 seats to his right looks like Sulu from Star Trek; and 2 seats from Ibrahim's left looks like Ginger Spice; In front of Ana looks like Donald Sutherland and the guy texting in the cap, 4 seats from Alicia's left, I could have sworn was Kumar from Harold and Kumar. Wow it's just a constellation of stars!

Anyway, Ana was sitting almost diagonally opposite the court to me, and I'm sure there was a connection. A bit of HDR to bring out the features and a bit of fun to point out the famous faces. More tomorrow.


030, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 030. 30/1/11

Out of Reach - Gabrielle

At the tennis today. The men's singles finals to be precise and in really good seats to boot! Thanks James!

I'll make it short today, because it's work in about 5 hours and I've only just got back from a whole day.

Predictably, today's shot was going to be of the tennis, so here's Novak Djokovic, 2011 Australian Open winner, running down the many dozens of unreachable balls!, and eventually beating Andy Murray in straight sets.

Expect more Tennis shots in the coming days and even more courtside action. More tomorrow.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


029, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 029, 29/1/11

Sunsets - Powderfinger

Short post again today. Was going to post this pre-game before the Asian Cup finals between Australia and Japan, with words of encouragement and hope.

Alas I'm posting this post game, and Japan beat Australia by a goal in extra time. It's heartbreaking. I'm sad.

On to the shot. I took this about a half hour or so after sunset and the reflection off the building is just amazing. But I took this shot because the flag was flying right on top of the building. More tomorrow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


028, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 028. 28/1/11

BAD - U2

Short post today, it's hours past Day 28, but last night was a long night and so better late than never I guess. Was playing with portraits at work today for a presentation, and this one came along. Totally overexposed, but in almost all the perfect spots.

This is Eugene, the best Artwork Coordinator around, shot with 2 flashes. There's one on his left, and one ring flash. More tomorrow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


027, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 027 27/1/11

I Drove All Night - Roy Orbison

At the driving range today. Really not my thing, golf, but it was still fun to hit a few or 50. Still love football, and I've always said that when I finally stop playing football, I'll take up golf. With the way I feel after every game, that day seems to be coming closer and closer.

Anyway, this is Dennis showing off with his big swings and hitting further than any of us at the range. I like this for how the ball almost seems ghostly as it is whacked off the mat. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


026, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 026. 26/1/11

Happy Australia Day everyone. It's the day we celebrate everything that's great about living here and the day in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the First Fleet of eleven convict ships from Great Britain and the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove. The raising of the Union Jack there symbolised British occupation of the eastern half of the continent claimed by Captain James Cook on 22 August in 1770.

On to today's shot. Here's a mojito with the green of the mint leaves and gold or yellow of the lime, nicely sitting inside the white rum concoction. It's also a toast to the mighty socceroos that won 6 nil to reach the finals of the Asian Cup. Ooi Ooi Ooi! More tomorrow.


025, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 025. 25/1/11

Two Left Feet - Richard Thompson

Went out for drinks after work and pulled out the camera to start taking shots. With the camera barely a second out of the bag, I was checking the settings on the camera when I saw this in the view finder.

It was a little Australia Day Eve drinks with friends and family. These feet belong to Dave and Bernard, both have perfectly good right feet as well, actually one of them has a broken right foot, but that's another story. Happy Australia Day People. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


024, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 024. 24/1/11

On The Couch - Prince

Well here it is. The new couch.. in HDR nonetheless. Super comfortable, slightly on the hard side which makes for a great counterpoint to my bed.

It's big, has lots of space and I don't think I've ever actually sat on it yet. Slouched... yes; slept... definitely yes; slumped... hell yes. Really nice. More tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


023, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 023. 23/1/11

Eclipse - Pink Floyd (from Dark Side of The Moon)

Took this last night at the rooftop soiree. The longest zoom I had was at 210mm and I didn't have a tripod or really anywhere safe to rest the camera. So I'm pretty proud of this handheld effort, a bit of camera shake, but HDR and Guy Gowan's retouching technique kind of sorted that out. And because it was at only 210mm, I cropped the shot at 100% to fill this frame, hence the smaller size of the file. And while I was at it, this also makes for my B&W shot for the week. More tomorrow.


022, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 022. 22/1/11

Walking On The Moon - The Police

Brett's (the guy in the middle) soiree on the rooftop tonight. Took this towards the end of the night, just before I left. Admittedly the moon was more in focus than the three in the photo, in other words, drunk as!

Took this with a 50mm and HDR really help bring out the hair colour and the moon. This also fulfils my portrait shot for the week. Pheeew.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


021, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 021. 21/1/11

Sun is Shining - Bob Marley

Went to watch my cousin Mark play today at Station 59. I reckon this place used to be an old fire house. OK having this fireman pole in the corner, kind of gave it away.

Had a nice little chat with Mark and he told me about a Jazz singer who's also started her own 365. Only difference is, she plans to perform every day for a year. Wow. I'll find out more about her and post later.

Anyway, if you get a chance to, you have to see Mark play. He's a wicked piano player and he's a Nunis, so of course he's good. More tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011


020, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 020. 20/1/11

We Can Work It Out - The Beatles

Here's my Black and White for the week, and I am thankful I was very careful when removing this from the box.

It looks like a simple wooden block ala a rubik's cube. Well it is very much like a rubik's cube only on steroids. You see this thing opens out to one long string of smaller blocks that can turn a number of ways but with only one way to get it back into a 9x9 cube.

Well I'm thankful because it's going to be a long long time before I ever get it back to looking as it should. A very long time. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


019, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 019. 19/1/11

From The Clouds - Jack Johnson

For as long as I can remember flying, I've always sat on the aisle seat. In fact I think I have a aisle seat preference on my frequent flyer card. On my flight back this time, I decided on a window seat. I'm thankful I did.

Well here's a shot just as we broke from the clouds right before landing into Melbourne. A bit bumpy but well worth the wait to take the shot. Why didn't I pick window seat before. More tomorrow.


018, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 018. 18/1/11

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Not much of a food shooter, which is quite evident. But I do have a good story behind this shot.

The background. Over the past weeks, Queensland has been hit by really severe floods. The size of the flooded area I heard is bigger than Germany and France put together.

Ego Pharmaceuticals, where I work, held a craft and bake sale yesterday, and we raised $4,000+ in a day. That amount was matched by the company which brought us to $8000, and we donated that sum through a big supermarket chain that offered to match all donations. So $16,000 in a day from the magnificent people at work. How amazing is that.

It is amazing that the 150+ people spent the weekend baking and making stuff to raise money for our northern cousins. And the result, well, the proof is in the pudding.

The shot. This is of one of about 80 cakes and crafts that was on sale. I think it went for close to $50, which works out to $200 in the end. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


017, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 017. 17/1/11

Strobist shot for the week. Here's a christmas present I got, a 4GB C-3PO USB thumbdrive. How cool is that? And it's sitting on the side of my new Apple TV. Yeah about the Apple TV.... not so cool. More about that some other day.

More Tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011


016, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 016. 16/1/11

Rescue Me - Aretha Franklin

More on the miniature railroad display. Really cannot believe the work that these guys put in, and the detail.

Look closely and you should be able to make out a rescue going on, from a sea plane to a rescue boat, to the abseiling rig, all to rescue a damsel in distress. And yes that is Thomas the Tank Engine you see on the track. More tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


015, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 015.15/1/11

Another Man's Vine - Tom Waits

After last night's photowalk, I was a bit all shot out! So spent most of the day not with the camera.

Anyway my new couch arrived today and spent the afternoon taking it out for a test drive... very nice.

Today's photo... was at a friend's birthday at night and really didn't feel like shooting party people doing party things, so I laid the camera down on the table, propped it up with a box of smokes and took this shot of the vines. Simple really, did a bit of HDR and so that's it. More tomorrow I guess.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


014, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 014. 14/1/11

Melbourne - The Whitlams

Did a photowalk round the city of Melbourne today. The steamy, humid and very wet weather, which we were very much looking forward to, kind of gave way to pretty much perfect weather. Trust Melbourne's weather to always throw you a curve ball.

Anyway, I took this shot of Federation Square and it's the first shot of the day. Reviewing the 200+ shots at the end of the night, it was easily my favourite shot... if I only knew back then, I could have ended the photowalk after the first click. Did a bit of HDR to bring out all the textures available... I guess I'm finally back in Melbourne now. More tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011


013, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 013. 13/1/11

Ha-Ha = Yes - Ignatius

Here's my Black and White for the week. Meet little Ignatius, brother of Madison and another cute little munchkin.

He's just learning to speak, so there are certain things that he can't say just yet... Take the word Yes. Instead of saying Yes, Ignatius says Ha-Ha (to be said quickly and in a high pitched voice... think Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons only faster). It is the cutest thing you'll ever hear.

I also did this in black and white because he was wearing a Juventus Jersey with Del Piero on the back. Black and white being the colours of Juventus. I later did find out that he and his younger brother were decked in black and white because those are the colurs of Collingwood, their father's favourite AFL team. So that's why I chose to do it in black and white. The choice of team on the other hand, is the father's fault. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


012, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 012. 12/1/11

Smalltown - John Mellencamp

You know how usually tilt shift makes things look like they are in a miniature world, well I wondered what would happen if applied the same principles to a miniature world. Result... still looks miniature (duh).

Took this at a miniature railroad display at the local mall. It was nice to see all these old men setting this very extensive railway system with no less than 20 different trains going through towns, stations, mountain passes and a whole lot more. might feature more at a later stage.

Also trains are very close to my heart, because my grandfather was a train driver and I've grown up all my life next to train tracks... funny that. More tomorrow.


011, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 011. 11/1/11

Say Hello - Heart

She's back. The little cutie pie came for a visit today, to say goodbye before I fly back to Melbourne. Isn't she the sweetest.

Anyway, it's packing time, for a very early flight tomorrow. So busy, busy, busy... More tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


010, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 010. 10/1/11

Goodbye - Everlast

Was a bit slack today... the kind of thing that's bound to happen on the last few days of the holidays. Anyway, I did manage to haul myself to a game of indoor tonight. This Monday night game has been going on for as long as I can remember... and I can remember playing here at least 15 years ago. The majority of players change and seem to get younger, (or maybe it's just that we're getting older) as more and more students pit their skills against the old veterans. All in good fun though.

Today's shot is of one of these veterans Trevor moving gracefully between 2 guys half his age. Ahh I'm going to miss this... till next year then.

Apologies for the somewhat blurriness of the shot, but this was shot at speed without a flash. More tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011


009, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 009. 9/1/11

Hot Chilli Woman - Noiseworks

More from the garden de Nunis. Here are Dad's prized chilli plants. Lucky I took the shot before the big culling (really it was just Dad plucking all the ripe chillies off the plant) a mere minutes after the shot. The yield, a good half kilogram of red chillies... nice.

More tomorrow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


008, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 008. 8/1/11

Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones

Yes, yes, more flower images... Geraniums to be exact (thanks again to my all knowing my Flickr friends). For as long as I'm here in the West with a garden out my window, I really am going to make hay while the sun shines (pardon the horticultural pun), so expect a few more before I fly back to Melbourne.

So here's today's shot, HDRd because I'm completely addicted to HDR, but I like it mainly because of the Bokeh. More tomorrow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


007, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 007. 7/1/11

Light a Candle - Neil Young

Well I said I would do it, so here's me following through. This is my black and white for the week... I got to say this B&W thing is hard. But I have at least 51 more shots to try and get comfortable with it.

I'm not saying that I dislike today's shot, it's just different for me. But I will get there. More tomorrow.

Friday, January 7, 2011


006, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
Day 006. 6/1/11

Had to do my strobist shot for the week, and I got to say it turned out to be a bit more involved than I first envisioned.

First of all, there's the Millennium Falcon. It's a plastic scale model (Airfix) I've had for well over 15 years. It's been sitting on the top of my shelf gathering dust (I like to think of it as ageing), and having seen one of my friend's newly built F14 Tomcat, I thought, this Airfix would make a nice feature. So I shot that with a flash and Lumiquest SB III sitting camera left.

The background was taken a couple of days ago, set on a long exposure pointing at the night sky. You can almost make out Orion's Belt if you look closely enough.

HDR brought out the texture of the plastic and the splashes of colour on the Falcon. Photoshop to blend the 2 images together and that's it.

And if anyone remembers, the line is from Star Wars, when Princess Lea disses Han Solo when they were in the Millennium Falcon. To which Han Solo replies "Hey who you calling scruffy looking" (Who says George Lucas could do great dialogue!) More tomorrow.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


005, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 005. 5/1/11

My Favourite Things - Rodgers & Hammerstein

OK so they're not exactly roses... come to think of it I don't really know what they are. Not much of a flower person you see. I know the difference between a Sunflower and a tulip or lavender and hibiscus, but specific flowers like this... I plead ignorance.

I have 10 minutes to do this post today. Got to watch Australia play Saudi Arabia on tv soon.

On to today's shot. For the longest time I've been coming back to Western Australia for the end of year holidays, I have not seen it rain. And I wouldn't expect it to, considering it's in the middle of summer. However, it rained today, so I went into the garden to try and do some droplet snaps. Then I realised my good macro lens was still in Melbourne, so here's what I came up with.

I set this on a tripod, and just took multiple shots. Got a few nice droplets on flowers, but I really like this one. It just says fresh to me somehow. More tomorrow and C'mon Aussie!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


004, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 004. 4/1/11

Bare Bones and Branches - Lewis & Clarke

I really wanted to make this the first monochrome of the year, however, I just couldn't resist the colours of the sky and clouds.

This tree sits across the road in the park. Right at the top of the tree are these branches, and you know for the longest time, I've never seen leaves on those bare branches.

Right now I'm still wishing I posted this in black and white. Well I still have a few more days to get something else.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


003, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 003. 3/1/11

The Anniversary Song - Eva Cassidy

Here's my portrait shot for the week. Took this a couple of hours ago after dinner... Mum and Dad's Anniversary Dinner.

Simple shot with my trusty 50mm F1.4, and a bit HDR to make it all pop. Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad! More tomorrow.

Monday, January 3, 2011


002, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 002. 2/1/11

Black Bird Fly - John Denver

Took this just at sunset. Sadly while I was changing lenses, the birds nestled on the front lampposts decided to leave the scene.

I must say, the West really has beautiful sunsets and the colours are sometimes breathtaking. Was intending to make this the monochrome shot for the week, but I couldn't deny you those tones could I? More tomorrow.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


001, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 001. 1/1/11

So I decided to keep this going. And now that I've decided to continue, I feel much relieved that I made the decision.

Anyway... Today, New Year's Day was spent at a beach picnic. What a great way to spend the start of the year.

Funny thing is I have at least 5 shots that I could have posted today, so I guess when it rains it pours. It also means that I have enough material to last me all week. But like I said, I'll still shoot everyday, even if the shot doesn't appear.

Here's the shot of the beach at Woodman's Point at sunset. I have real fond memories of this place, so it was nice to come back here again after almost a 15 year absence.

More tomorrow (actually feels good to say this again).

YEAR 2 MY 365

I've decided to keep this going. Don't really know if I can handle another year, but I'm going to try. It's been such a blast doing Year One. So it's back to the same game, but the rules are going to be slightly changed:

1) Thou shall do at least ONE portrait a week.
2) Thou shall also do at least one monochrome shot a week.
3) Thou shall not always have to do HDR, although I suspect the majority will be in HDR.
4) Thou shall involve the strobes/flashes in at least one shot a week.
5) Thou shall still shoot something everyday even if it does not eventually feature in MY 365.

So there we go. Which means friends and family, I'll be hitting you guys up for more shots this year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


365/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
365/365. 31 December 2010

That's it! i'm done! Last day of the 365! Phew! I really can't believe that I did it!

First of all the thanks....

A big thank you to everyone that's come by, said hello, commented, browsed by mistake, whatever, you've made this experience the all that more special. All 27,000+ of you!

Thanks also goes out to Guy Gowan for the most remarkable photoshop methods (I know he's not a big fan of HDR, but he's non-destructive technique is masterful); Dustin Diaz, he's 365 was the inspiration for starting and all those groups and blogs that's added to my education.

A big thank you to Sony. Although you don't sponsor me, or give me free stuff, or even a discount, I still think your cameras are da bomb! And thanks for buying minolta, because those lenses are sublime.

A big thanks also goes to everyone that's appeared on my 365. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers. Thanks a million. You know who you are.

On to today's shot. I took this about a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the end. (doesn't mean I didn't shoot today, because I did). I figured that the final shot should be a self portrait, considering I've tried my very best o stay away from the front of the camera. HDR now is a matter of habit, although I did cut i back so much that I don't now how much HDR is even present (just something about HDR and skin texture that can be a touch unflattering). And in Black and White, because although I love the tones, I'm really not very confident in seeing things in monochrome.

Well that's it my friends. I want to thank everyone again, and for the final time... NO more tomorrow... maybe. I'm still undecided.