Monday, January 31, 2011


031, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
DAY 031. 31/1/11

Anyone For Tennis? - Cream

More from last night's tennis. And this time it's a bit of people watching. If you look closely, dead centre of the shot is the gorgeous Ana Ivanovic; look up 4 rows and by the step is our very own Alica Molik; diagonally opposite the steps from Alicia, looks like the guy from the Buena Vista Social Club, Ibrahim Ferrer; 2 seats to his right looks like Sulu from Star Trek; and 2 seats from Ibrahim's left looks like Ginger Spice; In front of Ana looks like Donald Sutherland and the guy texting in the cap, 4 seats from Alicia's left, I could have sworn was Kumar from Harold and Kumar. Wow it's just a constellation of stars!

Anyway, Ana was sitting almost diagonally opposite the court to me, and I'm sure there was a connection. A bit of HDR to bring out the features and a bit of fun to point out the famous faces. More tomorrow.

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