Monday, November 8, 2010


312/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
312/365. 8 November 2010

No Air - Jordin Sparks

Funny how everything seems to come in USB these days. I got this USB ionizer a while ago, it was another one of my impulse purchases... this time I did it blind. They had this surprise gift of 3 USB thingies for $10. So along with the ionizer, came a PC camera and a USB sound card, the later 2 I already have, but like I said it was a blind purchase.

So on to this ionizer thingy. The literature says it improves the air quality by emitting negative ions into the air which attach themselves to impure particles and negatively charges them. You got to love copywriters. You have to, I'm a copywriter as well.

So the shot is trying to depict those wonderful negatively charged ions doing their thing. One flash and Bokeh thanks to the lights on St Kilda Road, and HDR of course. 53 days to go... More Tomorrow.

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