Wednesday, October 6, 2010


279/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
279/365. 6 October 2010

Deep Dish - Ani Defranco

Got back to work today to find my new toy in the mail. Meet my new beauty dish. Got it on eBay and they even print your choice of a logo in the middle and also provide you with a softbox cover. Now that really good value. Only problem is that for once this year I was without my camera. It must have been the sickness, because I never leave home with out my camera. Anyway, my flu got the better of me today and I left slightly after lunch to go home and try and sleep off this sickness.

Back to the picture. Eventually got up and setup this shot. Simple shot really, stuck a flash in the back and used the lights of streets as a background. Oh and it was really blowing and raining real hard when I took this shot, so had to keep everything nice and dry as best as I could, which also ties back to the tag on the picture, just swap Chicago with Melbourne. More Tomorrow.

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