Sunday, February 21, 2010


051/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
051/365. 20 February 2010

Thought I'd play with my ring flash today. It's a circular tube that fits around the lens and is connected to my off camera flash. It creates very even lighting as you can see.

The subject of today's shot is my wahwah pedal. It's Rocker Wah from BOSS. It's about 20 years old and like all 20 year old electrical products, it can be a bit tempremental. It'll work most of the time, but it does sound good when it does work. I only bought it because it was going cheap at a guitar shop in Perth, I even think I bought it used, and it was only ever going to be a temporary fix till I bought a more expensive crybaby wah. Well dozens of pedals have come and gone, but this one still remains a mainstay in my guitar bag. All because someone once commented that I sounded like Clapton playing Bad Love... funny thing is I'm sure Clapton was using a Crybaby when he recorded the song.

Back to the shot. I shot it on my dinning table, and used a piece of white cloth for the background... photoshop did the blending of the edges. I decided to use my zoom lens, a bit begrudgingly at first, because I didn't like how it wouldn't work in manual focusing mode. I'm glad I did use the lens though, because I found out that there is a push/pull slider on the lens that actually works as a switch to manual focus off and on. Note to self, read instructions more. Note to self 2, must clean dust off subject before I shoot. OK long post today, i'll try to keep it short tomorrow.

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