Saturday, September 4, 2010


246/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
246/365. 3 September 2010

Light Up Ya Lighter - Michael Franti

Another slow shooting day. Didn't get to take much photos because for the first time in 346 days, I was without my camera... Left it on my table and walked out of the house. Can you imagine my sheer terror when I opened my camera bag at work to find that my camera was not there. Sends chills down my spine just thinking of it again.

Did a clear out of my camera bag just to make sure that I did not put it into the front pocket or accidentally left it in one of the 3 memory card holders (I was also getting a tad paranoid) when I found these. 5 lighters! I had 5 lighters, 2 flashes, 4 lenses, a whole lot of gels, but no camera.

Anyway got back home to find it sitting safely on the table, pulled out the 5 lighters (none of which still work) and shot 'em. HDR and Guy Gowan retouched 'em and viola.

More tomorrow.

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