Saturday, January 23, 2010


022/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
022/365. 22 January 2010

People this is noontec, noontec these are people... ok done with the pleasantries. This is the remote control to my new noontec media player. It has LAN, all the stick in usb, media card thingys, and once I stick a hard disk in there, it'll record as well. How cool is that? And all this for under $100. Thanks Zazz, and thanks Mitch for introducing me to them (and sorry I didn't get your solar-powered ipod charger, it took a while to sign up).

I know this shot is a bit "adverty", but that's what I do in my day job, and you know, sometimes I can't help but bring my work home. But thanks to a white bed sheet, a freshly cleaned table, a kick-ass flash and some photoshop, it looks pretty pristine.

That's it for today, I have to get back to my new friend. New episode of Fringe is on.

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