Wednesday, January 13, 2010


013/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
013/365. 13 January 2010

This is the reflection of the sky from the big stainless steel sign of the ACCA (that's the Australian Center for Contemporary Arts... shouldn't that be ACFCA). It's actually only a stones throw from where I live, and I must say it is an impressive structure. It's a wonder that I don't have a bagful of photos from that place, considering that it's a favourite site for fashion and wedding shots, and even a Bollywood movie.

The only reason I took this shot today was because I had to take public transport to work today and the walk back from the train station takes me past the ACCA. Why I had to take public transport is a whole other story.

Anyway here and here are other shots that didn't make today's cut, but I still fancy them enough.

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