Thursday, August 12, 2010


223/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
223/365. 11 August 2010

"I'm ready for my close up"- Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd. 

Imagine making the post before midnight! Hurray for me! Anyway, here's today's shot. It's of my old Minolta SRT Super camera circa 1973. Apparently this model is regarded by some as the best camera made by Minolta. It is certainly the best fully mechanical camera.The SR-T Super incorporated a full information viewfinder, mirror lock-up, multiple exposure capability and a built in hot shoe... I was quoting the last bit.

Took this shot with my YN 460 and softbox, HDR'd it to get the milky/drawing effect and adjusted the colour cast a bit in photoshop.

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