Tuesday, June 29, 2010


179/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
179/365. 28 June 2010

Slightly gloomy day and man was it freezing, luckily I had the heater up in the car. Just watched 2 games overnight/morning and had my hour snooze before heading to work.

BTW the last couple of weeks, my World Cup schedule has been finish work at 5 on the dot. Get home and be asleep by 6.29pm. Alarm set for 9.29pm for the first game, which is when I have dinner. Watch the second game at 12am and straight back to bed and wake up again at 4.29pm to watch the third game. During halftime I get ready for work, shower etc. and am dressed in my work clothes when the game ends at 6.15am. Sleep in my work clothes for another hour or so till 7.30am, and then off to work. Be at work by 8.17am.

But now that the group stages are over, I get more sleep, till midnight in fact, which is also when I have my dinner. I swear I really get excited about this every 4 years and am very disciplined when it comes to World Cup time.

Anyway, for today's shot, here's bit of dashpod action. Took this while on my way to work. Was trying for a bit of HDR, but that was near impossible shooting moving cars from a moving car. More tomorrow.

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