Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 52

Week 52 29-31 December

Needed a day to recover from a New Year's Eve Party to post this.

This last post for Year 7 is of my Dad's band, Take 3, at said new year's eve party. I was roadie, Photographer and guitarist for the night, it was 6 long sets; really tiring, but a whole lot of fun.

So that's the end again of another year in photography. I'd like to thank everyone that has been, willingly or not, part of my various shooting escapades. And I'd really like to thank everyone that was come by and visited the various sites on Flickr, the Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I think I managed about 40+ weeks this time, a poor showing, considering it's been a weekly and not a daily occurrence. I'll endeavour to do better.

So here's to the next year. Happy new year all, I'll have more in a week's time.

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