Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 42

Week 42 - 28 Oct-4 Nov 2015

Here's one of my favourite outtakes from a shoot last week with Olympic Swimmer Belinda Hocking. I shot her in the gym and the pool and it was lots of fun and I managed to get scores of really good shots.

Got to really put the new LED Light Cubes to the test as well, and they performed outstandingly. Essentially, these LED Light Cubes are exactly what their names say they are... battery powered, 100mm cubes that can act as strobes or video lights. More next week.

Strobes Info: 2 LED Light Cubes both at 1/200. One on a light stand about 5 feet in front of Bindy for backlighting. The other was being held over her about 2-3 feet above.

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