Thursday, January 1, 2015


365 - 31/12/14

Happy New Year everyone.

That's it... I'm done with a shot a day. My 365 got stretched to a 5 year journey... in total, 1800 shots. So that's it.

I'd like to thank all 1.2 million+ views on Flickr and Blogspot for coming over and taking a look and commenting. I'd like to thank all the people that have willingly and unwittingly been subjects of my shots. I'd like to thank Dustin Diaz for the inspiration to start this 365, Guy Gowan for opening my eyes to photoshop; and of course to Sony for making the cameras that I love using.

So what's NEXT? No more 365, means I'll get more sleep, but now I'll try harder projects/shots that might require more work than a shot a day would. So I'm going to be doing a shot a week. Hopefully there'll be more kickass shots and to start off with I'm doing the Milk dress (fingers-crossed). No more tomorrow, but more next week.