Saturday, June 9, 2012


160 by DarrenNunis
160, a photo by DarrenNunis on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
160 - 8/6/12

Start of Euro 2012, so it looks like all my posts will be in the very early hours of the morning for the next month! Goodbye sleep... Hello 2am and 4am games! Oh and I do apologise in advance for my general crabbiness for the next 30 odd days.

Anyway, here's Stephanie, hanging out of her T-bird. Out today taking a few shots of Stephanie's favourite things and the T-bird happens to one of her's... A Smurf collection is the other. More tomorrow.

Strobist info: 2 speed lights - one in the car at 1/4 power on the floor of the passenger's side shooting straight into the roof of the car. The other bouncing off a gold reflector just out of shot in front and to the left of Stephanie. White Balance set to Tungsten.

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