Saturday, April 16, 2011


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DAY 105. 16/4/11

Don't Look Back - Boston.

Couple of things to get through today.

1) The shot is from a day or 2 ago. Everything I shot today was no "fun", and when I had the opportunity to shoot a band playing, I turn on my camera and the dreaded words "No Card" appeared. Not carrying my camera bag, just the camera today, meant that I could not shoot anything at the performance! You would think that I would have learnt that little detail of always checking that the card is in the camera.... but no!

2) Had a couple of comments today that I was betting lazy not linking my posts to any song, but just doing a "suitable" caption. So here we go, a song link (this applies more to the blog than anywhere else. Well at least the blog is being read, so I can't complain.

3) Well there is not so much of a number three other than ?I could have set a shot at home and whacked on the flashes and stuff, but it's late, I'm sleepy and far to lazy to bother.

4) More tomorrow.

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