Thursday, February 3, 2011


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DAY 034. 3/2/11

Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr

It's Chinese New Year, and there are some things I really miss about being in a country that celebrates Chinese New Year.

One, it's a public holiday, in fact, it's a holiday for 2 days in some countries, 2 weeks in some others.

Two, the food! I shan't say anymore.

Three, it's a wonder how much cash one can wean from just 2 oranges, if you're single. If you're married, then, it's a wonder how much money you'll have to fork out. Like I said, 2 oranges presented to a married couple get's you a little red envelope with cash in it. And the best part is they hand you back 2 oranges. Which means you'll have more ammo to get more red packets. Wonder how much these 3 oranges will get me? More tomorrow.

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