Monday, May 17, 2010


136/365, originally uploaded by DarrenNunis.
136/365. 16 May 2010

This lens has probably taken the bulk of my 365 shots. just did a blog search and it actually accounts for 46% of all my shots to date. A while ago, I mentioned about the Rokkor 50mm F1.4 I bought. Built like a tank and really sharp. I flirted with it for a while and then went back to this lens beause of its reliability. Not that the Rokkor was bad or anything, it's just that it was a manual lens, and sometimes there was just too much screwing around.

Today's shot is of my trusty 50mm F1.7 taken by new Auto Focus 50mm F1.4. Call me crazy but that one F-stop down is like opening up a whole new world to me... I love it.

Anyway enough lens talk. More tomorrow.

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